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At 9:30 this morning in Newtown, CT, a single gunman dressed completely in black walked into the Sandy Hook Elementary School and proceeded to mercilessly gun down 20 children between the ages of 4 and 10, as well as 6 adults, including the principal and the guidance counselor. None of them survived. At a separate scene several miles from the school, a woman was found dead, who has now been identified as the shooter's mother. In addition to this, the gunman's father was found dead in his home in Hoboken, NJ. The latest update to this situation was the gunman's identity: Adam Lanza. It has been revealed that his mother was a kindergarten teacher at the school. When the shooting died down, the murderous coward proceeded to kill himself. Please, please keep these families in your prayers. I can only imagine the grief these parents, and the town in general, must feel at the moment. This is a holiday season which will remain burned into their memories forever.
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December 14, 2012


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